Myrtle Beach Hail & Storm Damage

Myrtle Beach Hail & Storm DamageWind and hail storms continually hit the area we live in. These storms may have damaged your roof, shorting its lifespan and leading to future problems such as granule loss, cracked, torn or missing shingles. We can help!

Lenox Roofing Solutions is your storm damage and insurance claims specialist.

We have performed thousands of inspections and have helped homeowners work with their insurance companies to recover the cost involved in replacing their roof as well as other damaged property such as ceiling and drywall repairs from a leaking roof, damaged gutters, fences, decks, windows, and more.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Would you go to court without an attorney by your side? Then you wouldn’t want to file an insurance claim without an experienced roofer on your side.

We have trained specialists that will work as your voice with your insurance company. We will consult with your assigned claims adjuster to determine the scope and cost of repairs that need to be made to your home. You have paid your insurance premium for years, we are here to help you maximize your claim so these repairs will be paid by your insurance company, not you.

Lenox Roofing Solutions is a local roofing company here in Myrtle Beach – beware of out-of-state storm chasers who are looking to make a quick buck!

Experience Is On Your Side

  • Professional expert service technicians at your fingertips
  • FREE no obligation storm damage roof inspection
  • Expert insurance claims assistance
  • Convenient one stop shop for all storm damage to your home

Free Storm Damage Assessment

We provide everyone with an absolutely free inspection and a complete roof damage assessment. In addition, we offer our clients the help and the best assistance needed to maneuver through their insurance claim procedures. Call now at 843-839-2445.