Residential & Commercial Roofers in Surfside Beach

Are you searching for a roofing contractor in Surfside Beach, SC? Lenox Roofing Solutions is a local roofing contractor offering high-quality work with a great reputation in the community.

Myrtle Beach Commercial RoofersWhen weighing all of these factors we believe there is really only one choice for Surfside Beach residents – Lenox Roofing Solutions.

Over the years, we have become well-known for providing those who live in Surfside Beach with high-quality roofs and roof repairs.

If you are in need of roofing repair or just need to have your roof inspected, we are confident we can help. Give us a call today at (843) 839-2445 to schedule an appointment.

Roofing Services in Surfside Beach SC

We offer the following roofing services to Surfside Beach and surrounding areas:

If you are currently experiencing a roofing issue, the first step is to contact us and schedule a free inspection.

Our knowledgeable experts will come out and study your roof and determine the best way for you to proceed. Often, you may only need a minor repair but other times a bigger solution, such as roof replacement, may be required.

No matter what your particular situation, we can help. We are well-known in the Surfside Beach are for delivering both residential and commercial roofing solutions that are high quality and affordable.

Plus, our roofing solutions come with strong warranties and can be counted on to withstand hard weather and last for years and years.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should choose us to handle your roofing needs in Surfside Beach:

  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We offer industry-leading workmanship and manufacturers’ warranties
  • We are industry experts and fully compliant in South Carolina
  • Honesty and integrity are core values of our business
  • We are reliable – we get the work done on time and on budget
  • We are Storm Damage Experts and help you through the process

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

The first step to solving your roofing issue is to contact Lenox Roofing Solutions and schedule a free inspection. Our roofing experts will come to your home or business in Georgetown and conduct an extensive inspection of your roof.

After completing your inspection, we will provide you with our honest opinion on what needs to be done. You will never be offered something you don’t need.


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